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Come See what Skyline Aviation Services can offer you. So you want to be a Pilot well your dreams are only a phone call away or stop by and see us we are located at the Orange County Airport in Virginia!

Meet our Instructors!

Candace Pack

Owner/Flight Instructor

17 Years Of Aviation Experience!

Chris Russell

Advance Flight Instructor

17 Years Of Aviation Experience!

Frank Hill

Advanced Flight Instructor

6 Years Of Aviation Experience!

Skyline is proud to offer a combined Aviation Experience of 

40 Years!

We offer Private Pilot's License to Commercial Pilot License Guaranteed Programs!

 This includes all powered aircraft time and Instruction time. All the examiner's fee's and written tests are at the students costs. 

This includes Instrument rating and add on Multi-Engine Ratings our package gets you ready for your Professional Aviation Career!

$38,500 Total Costs

Now Offering a 15 day Instrument Course must have your written completed!

Please contact Candace at Skyline Aviation for more details on the 15 Day Instrument Course and the Professional Pilot Program for qualification requirements. We look forward to getting you up in the Air! 

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